Thursday, August 7, 2008

Random Thoughts...

- "Good, there’s no one else here… oh, there’s a guy with long curly 80’s I-don’t-give-a-shit hair and equally lack-of-giving-a-shit tearaway pants. I can see his underwear."
- "Why is the radio in here so damn loud? I don’t want to hear Alannah Myles over my ipod. I get really distracted by the soft soothing voice of that guy from Lovers And Other Strangers too."
- "I can see the I.D.G.A.S. guy eying my bottle of beer. I bet he wants to steal it. Little does he know it’s actually full of laundry detergent. I didn’t feel like carrying over a giant bottle of Purex."
- "This washing machine doesn’t even take toonies? Get with the times, it costs two dollars! Jeez, I have to go over to the change machine now."
- "Where the hell are the Doritos? There are two slots of Smartfood, but no Doritos. And I can’t even get sour cream and onion chips. I put in a dollar, press A7 and it says $1.00 - PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER SELECTION. I hate this vending machine. I’ll just get Smartfood."
- "I hope I remembered to empty my pockets before I threw everything in the washer."
- "God, my back is itchy. Good thing these plastic lawn chairs have that fake woven seatback. I hope no one walks by outside and sees me writhing in this chair."
- "Eww, Smartfood doesn’t go with Coke at all. Why did I get Coke? Why did I even get Smartfood? The cheese smells gross. What a waste of two dollars."
- "I should step outside for some fresh air. Oh, there’s a cop pulling a guy over. I wonder if I should go over and stare? Nah, I don’t want to leave my clothes with Mr. Tearaways."
- "What the hell are those faint blue lights? Oh, that’s a bus. I need glasses."
- "Who the hell are these two people who just came in the back door and went straight out the front door? Who takes a shortcut through the Laundromat? There aren’t even any houses back there."
- "My clothes were in the dryer for 36 minutes, why are my socks still damp?! I guess I can throw them back in for a few minutes while I fold my shirts."
- "Why are these kids coming in here at a quarter after ten? This place closes in 45 minutes. Dumbasses."
- "Screw rolling the socks, I'll sort them at home."
- "How did I fit all these clothes in this basket? They seem bigger now."

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  1. OH...
    I just snorted Dr. Pepper out of my nose...and I'm not drinking any. That is how funny this blog was. Goddamn.