Sunday, May 3, 2009

Questionable Reporting

I ran across this brief in the Metro the other day.

Do they really have to mention that police are treating the death as suspicious? Is this as opposed to when they usually find a baby stuffed inside a plastic bag, which is classified as 'a completely normal way to dispose of unwanted babies'?

Now, If the bag was found between two homes, you have to bet that the bag came from one of the two homes. But how do you figure out which one? Simple.

Ask the first house if the bag belongs to the second house. If they say yes, they’re probably lying. I mean, anyone who would dump a baby in the alley beside their house is morally so far gone that they would probably blame it on someone else just as easily.


  1. I'm so glad they clarified the police's stance on the issue. Up until that point I was just assuming the newborn had crawled out of the house, saw a bag in between 2 houses, crawled into it and suffocated.

    Shows how much I know.

  2. See? You just need to pay attention to these things.

  3. I don't blame her for the confusion. She's thinking of a similar case in Victoria where a newborn DID crawl out of the house, saw a bag in between two houses, got in and suffocated. Close proximity to Vancouver and similar case... like I say, I don't blame her for the confusion.

  4. Graham, you realize I was joking, right? :) I am assuming you are kidding too.