Friday, April 30, 2010

The Rodge Hodge Podge 3

I’ve been meaning to re-design this creative little stain on the blog community for a while and I found some interesting things along the way. Like this:

Whoa whoa whoa! This is for blog designers? Blogblogblog.

That’s enough work for now. Ah yes, let’s check Facebook! I’m so glad I installed the ad blocker. Now I don’t have to deal with crap like this.

(Where is my girlfriend right now? Wait, my girlfriend is a 'he'? Damn. How does one overlook that?)

(What is this 'fastest-growing game' on Facebook? It looks like some sort of vibrating submarine sex toy. Is it the adult version of Hunt For Red October?)

(Oh so addicting! I'm not really a fan of golf but I can be swayed by hot girls in tartan skirts.)

And this was the best button I ever found.

I also blocked all the other apps so I don’t have to see this in my newsfeed anymore.

(Chop shop? Sweet! Do you want me to murder some people or traffick cocaine for you?)

(Yaaaayyy! What did you win? Oh, nothing? Astounding!)

(Since when do rewards have time limits? It seems to me if I'd helped a friend find a rare item, the offer of a reward would be open-ended.)

But I still see stupid comments like this:

Who gives a shit about your book? That’s why it’s your book. Unless it’s a New York Times bestseller, nobody else needs to hear your random comments.

Also, what kind of criteria is this to rate the hierarchy of people in your book? People who buy cool shoes are at #1? Would you put people who only buy mediocre shoes at #2? What if they beat their children and smoke crystal meth in the bathroom at work, but they have cool shoes? Would they still be #1 or maybe like #5?

I was helping a friend with some Twitter design the other day. I, perhaps the least qualified excuse for a designer, tried to load the Twitter page and – hey, what the hell?

Well, that was bound to happen! Too many people are on Twitter! Are you listening to me? GET THE HELL OFF OF TWITTER. All the retweets and twitpics and useless updates are clogging up Twitter. I mean, look at some of this junk!

No wonder Twitter is over capacity. Some people can't have a single private thought to themselves and they need to blah-blah-blah-tappity-tap-tap all day. I gotta read some articles to calm down...

I read this article about a girl being abused by her parents. Damn. Pretty sad story.

Oh man. Forced into advertisement exercise? That’s the worst kind of exercise!

Check out this ‘new scientific research’:

In other news, breathing air is good for you!

There was a fire in a condo building downtown today? I love how big this town is. Epic shit goes down around here and I find out about it on the internet.

They say it was quickly extinguished. How quick is quick to them?

That doesn’t look too quick to me.

I also love how the TSA says your safety is their priority, but you have to watch out for yourself.

Kinda like Wikipedia says, “Help us meet our own standards by doing all of our work for us".

I went on a crosstown bike ride this week, but I really wanted to take the bus back home. I just didn’t want to look like an idiot and waste everybody's time trying to figure out the bike rack thing on the front of the bus. I decided to check out the TTC website. The good news is they have an instructional video available in three different sizes! Check 'em out.

Turns out you can't see anything in either of them. Thanks, TTC!

I checked out the grocery store flyer online this week too. I keep catching myself doing ‘old people things’ like watching The National with Peter Mansbridge (on purpose) and checking grocery store flyers.

Who’s the smartass that put the asparagus over the oranges? Do you think that’s gonna make me buy asparagus by accident? You’ll have to better than that, Valu Mart!

Hey, VIA Rail has a new slogan.

More human than what? They must be talking about Greyhound. There’s a reason why they’re called Greyhound: I feel like a caged dog sitting on their buses.

Kinda makes me wonder what other slogans companies think they can get away with?

Jeez, a lot of people must be really stupid.

Speaking of other countries, can we stop putting every single country on every single dropdown menu?

I’m looking for a Subway in Canada and I doubt they have locations in Bahrain or American Samoa (Don’t get me wrong. American Samoans deserve Subway just as much as we do.)

That’s all for now. I promise I’ll post something worth reading someday.

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I love it and so do you.


  1. God, I hope that person on Twitter isn't still doing the dishes. That was 10 hours ago! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING THIS INSTANT!

    Mexico is Spanish for relax? My Spanish isn't great, but I'm not sure that's accurate. Also, is it just me, or are there maybe some subtle, racist undertones there? Mexico is Spanish for relax? Like... being lazy? Spanish people are lazy?

    Which doesn't make sense, because I took my truck down to the Walmart today and literally had to close my eyes and choose at random. One garden, $30, 6 workers. Try-outs would have taken too long.

  2. You know, I was all set to chow down at the Subway in American Samoa but they were clear out of the sandwich artists who look borderline suicidal and I thought "Fuck that! I'll take my business elsewhere."