Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Teacher Caught With Pot

I had some thoughts about this article, which highlighted a 17-year old's plea to let his teacher keep his job after marijuana was found in the teacher's car. Of the teacher, he said:

"He talked, just talked, for whole class periods about the nature of life, as if it was a course in philosophy… he eventually would find a tangent and run with it. The class never got bored."

So, he was philosophical, chatty and entertaining? Sounds like this guy sparked up right before class.

"He did one thing that was stupid,'' the lanky track runner said from his parent's airy living room in Thousand Oaks. "I hope the district doesn't take rash action and fire him."

“Plus,” continued Dashiell, “If he gets fired, who am I supposed to buy weed from? The black kids? Their prices are ridiculous.”

Police recovered less than an ounce of marijuana that the teacher had hidden out of sight,

How much less than an ounce, really? Was it a pinch? A fat nug? A couple grams? If you’re carrying around an ounce, it’s suspect that you’ll be splitting it up to sell. If you’re carrying around a couple grams, it’s likely you’re planning to overindulge in pizza at lunch and make your afternoon classes more interesting. There’s quite a difference between ‘a couple grams’ and ‘less than an ounce’.

"We want to set an example for kids. We believe that teachers and support services employees and superintendents should set an example,'' he said. "This isn't a good example."

Not a good example? He was hiding weed in his car. He was keeping his vices private. That sounds like a pretty damn good example. He wasn’t slinging dime bags in the hallway during flex time. He wasn’t offering bong hits to 9th graders in the faculty washroom.

That isn’t a good example.

You know what else is a bad example? 

How about having sex with students, having sex with other teachers or bullying retarded kids?

Oh, but they weren't smoking pot! Shining examples of great teachers right there.

Anyways, give this guy a break. And a joint cuz, y'know, the cops took his weed.

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