Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thursday Nights Are For Eating Rice Krispie Squares and Watching YouTube Videos.

Or so goes the legend.
So it was only appropriate that I did just that last Thursday with a couple good friends. Below are some fantastic videos we watched that were too good not to share, including some comments by us dudes. On a lazy afternoon, I highly suggest relaxing and watching them. And then taking a nap. ‘Cuz who naps anymore? I miss naps.

Performing Welcome To Youtube from the recent YouTube Live concert. I don’t even know what to say about this kid. He’s talented, funny, clever and damn good at what he’s doing. I love his stuff. His other videos are definitely worth watching, especially My Whole Family Thinks I’m Gay and i’m bo yo.

Jason Mraz performing I'm Yours with Toca Rivera in South Korea. This guy has been bumped to the top of my personal hero list. I recently watched the concert and travel documentary on his album We sing, We Dance, We Steal Things and there's no reason in the world why you shouldn't check it out too. There isn't enough ass in the world for this guy's music to kick.

KYLE: “This song is like Jimi Hendrix meets country.”
RODGER: “No, this guy is way smooth. It's like Jack Johnson meets a bong hit and chills the fuck out. There's just so much life to this song. I think after it was over, everyone in the room ascended to heaven.”

NATE: "What just happened? That was like a religious experience. I feel tender."

Holy shit.

RODGER, halfway through the video: “These guys are just torsos and heads.”

When the lawyer jinxes both the judge and the opposing lawyer, he looks like he’s holding twin guns. It’s awesome (Unfortunately, the ending sucks balls).

If this doesn’t inspire you to get a passport and travel, nothing will.

(and if you’re wondering how he got all those people to dance with him.)

A pack of lions try to eat a buffalo. Epic shit goes down. If you’re leery about watching it, at the risk of ruining the suspense, everything is kosher in the end.

Classic cartoon violence. I can never have enough of these videos. Have they always tossed in subliminal frames of character’s faces?

I think these animated shorts are a way for terrorists to communicate. Oddly confusing and really creepy.


Shit no. What's wrong with my current version of iTunes? It's still playing music. Eff you, Steve Jobs.


  1. "i'm here to enquire about your spoons....may i caress you rusty tea kettle?...." i LOVE salad fingers!

  2. oops! or perhaps "you're"? oh i HATE typos....

  3. Seriously, that guy is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.