Monday, June 14, 2010

Death of A Urinal

A urinal shaped like a woman’s wide-open mouth has been flushed out of the men’s room of a Hamilton eatery following a nearly year-long public outcry. (via)

The glossy, red-lipped loo at The Honest Lawyer restaurant sparked a letter-writing campaign that attracted almost 1,100 people, including Ontario’s NDP leader and Hamilton’s mayor.

Ooooh, the mayor signed it? For one, the mayor of Hamilton looks suspiciously like David Bowie.

Two: the mayor of Hamilton was born in Amsterdam! How could he be against kitsch and sexy fun? In fact, of the urinals in question, the article even says:

a complaint led a McDonald’s outlet in The Netherlands to remove them in 2006.

See? That stuff is mainstream over there!

(That’s all I have on the mayor. I’m sure he’s a decent mayor.)


Some people argued the “Kisses! urinal” — manufactured by Bathroom Mania! in the Netherlands — was art or just a joke.

The Woman Abuse Working Group, a coalition of 24 organizations, disagreed and led efforts to oust what it considered to be an offensive water closet.

Who has time to be complaining about bathroom fixtures? Do these people have full-time jobs or are they just looking for excuses to whine after they leave their sudoku half-finished in the morning?

Could they be the same people worried about the IKEA catalogue font change?

I’m not saying I approve of the urinals. I don’t really care. There are certainly more offensive urinals out there (Probably NSFW, unless you work somewhere that’s actually cool.)

This is probably one of my favourite urinal types, as long as we’re counting (PS – we is me, and I just started counting.)

Totally old school. And the tile designs are usually cool. But back to the urinals at hand...

Whether I think it’s offensive or not, I don’t think what people have in their bathroom should be of any concern to me. That is, aside from my friends; I rifle through their cabinets all the time.

(Just kidding, friends.)

“It’s not a joke to pee into a woman’s mouth,” she said.

Unfortunately, the mere mention of peeing in a woman’s mouth is only making it funnier. It’s like popped collars; Not terribly funny until you mention that people who pop their collars take it seriously, then suddenly it’s hilarious to everyone except douchebags and it becomes the biggest thing to hit the Jersey shore since Snooki.

The group was concerned about women’s safety and the message the urinal, which had been there since the restaurant opened in February 2007, sent to men in the bar.

“They’re drinking and maybe hoping to connect with a special person and then they’re going to the bathroom and peeing into a woman’s mouth,” said Lukasik-Foss...

They were concerned about what kind of message the urinal had been sending to men in the bar? Why the sudden concern? Was there an influx of conversations like:

I think this urinal would send the opposite message to drunk guys, like “I am a giant cartoon mouth and, if you put your stuff in me, I will bite off your other stuff.”

Kinda like the toilet from Look Who’s Talking Too.

If you’re looking to complain about something in bar bathrooms, why don’t you start with the quality of the half-ply TP, the non-working stall door locks, the empty paper towel holder, the absence of a working hand dryer or the abundance of mediocre graffiti?

The shape and colour of the urinals are the least of my worries!


Competition was stiff this year.

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