Thursday, November 11, 2010

Rodge Hodge Podge 4

Let's get this out of the way first and foremost...

Did everyone else know about this? I feel like such an idiot. He totally looks like a chubby, old Bill Murray! In my defense, I’ve never seen them side-by-side… well, except in Groundhog Day.
Shut up.

Yeah, shouldn’t your final resting place, a boring six-foot deep dirt grave with a headstone marking the site of your decaying corpse among other identical six-foot deep dirt graves reflect your unique personality?


Better check my email.

Aaaaahh! You hijacked my baby? Bastard kidnappers! You might as well kill him because I don't have $50 000. Thanks for the picture of my fume, though.

You may not know how to collect a ransom (or close a wholesale deal on designer watch knock-offs), but you sure do know how to make me feel like crap.

(Why would you say that, Kippy Dhan? I don’t even know you!)

Came across this link on Reddit:

60 best blogs for screenwriters? What did you whittle it down from, 700? Who the hell has the time to read all these blogs and still write a fucking script?

Seriously, where can I get one of these? I would kill for one. Well, maybe not kill. But perhaps punch in the face.

And what do your boobs have to do with this credit card ad? Nothing?


Whatever. Where do I sign up?

Here's an interesting Halloween-related news article:

Police have reason to believe he’s still wearing the costume (The reason is: if he’s not, they’re screwed.)

A friend sent me a video link the other day. It was probably some guy falling on his face or some similarly hilarious human folly. I see this nifty little feature:

Great! I don't really have time to watch this thirteen second video right now. Perhaps I should put it in my quicklist? Oh, hey! Wanna watch the quicklist demo video?

Wait, what the hell?

I just said I didn't have time to watch videos and the quicklist demo is two minutes long? How do I put the quicklist demo in my quicklist?

Hot dang, what filthy language! They ought to be ashamed of themselves. Who ever says ‘eats’? Local eats? Honestly, this ad should be more like:

That's all for now.

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