Friday, January 16, 2009

Is It In Poor Taste To Title This 'House Of Pain'?

(01-13) 18:13 PST SAN RAFAEL -- At least 34 people committed suicide last year by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge, according to figures released Tuesday by the Marin County coroner's office. The total was one more than in 2007, the coroner said.

(The coroner was also quoted as saying, "Look, we beat our record," then awkwardly laughing at his offensive joke.)

There were at least 29 suicides from the span in 2006, 21 in 2005 and 20 in 2004.
There have been more than 1,300 suicides since the bridge opened in 1937. Bridge district directors voted in October to install an anti-suicide net.

It only took them 71 years to realize that they could put up a net? Bravo, dumbasses. Even Herbie the Love Bug tried to commit suicide off the Golden Gate bridge and that was back in 1969.

Do you think it would even be a good net? I don't. Someone would come by planning to jump, see the net, cut it with a pair of scissors, and jump anyways. Now you have a dead body and a broken net.

But the net, which is expected to cost $40 million to $50 million,

Where are they buying a net for $40 million?! I would love that job. Sell one and go on vacation forever.

will not be built for years while environmental studies are done and funding is secured.

Society - “Hey scientists, people are jumping off the bridge and killing themselves in extraordinary numbers. Do you think you could spare a few bucks to help us put up a net?”
Scientists - “Nah, we’re watching sea lions fuck in the harbour.”


This is picture of Josef Fritzel, an Austrian man who was infamous in the news last year for the sexual molestation and imprisonment of his own daughter.

I can't be the only one who thinks this dude looks just like Vincent Price?


  1. JUST like vincent! i was scrolling down and saw the first pic (of the molester)and was like "I know that guy!" but i don't cause it wasn't really vincent price....

  2. Kinda looks like a mugshot of Vincent Price, like if he got all coked up one night. Maybe it was him...? Except for being dead, it could totally be him.