Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Night Musings

You know in Japan, they have something called 'lamp fights'?

I guess it's like UFC. Except, with flourescent lightbulbs.


What the fuck is wrong with these people?! That’s the batshit craziest thing I’ve ever seen.

Except for this hillbilly tax company commercial.

I bet the doofus Steve Urkel accountant got six bucks for this gig.

You know what?

Just the other day, I was all, “Shit. I really wanted to get a quality parrot costume online. Where do I even begin to look?!” I’m so glad I came across this. You even get the feet so you don't have to look like some sort of parrot wearing Adidas running shoes!

Speaking of which, why do people decide to go all out on a Hallowe'en costume and then fuck up the whole thing by wearing their regular shoes with it?

And look at this idiot!

If anything, he should put his running shoes on over the bodysuit. Spiderman doesn't wear slippers. And, if he does, he certainly doesn't run in them.

I saw Matt Lauer on Conan the other day and noticed he's going bald. So, the new Matt Lauer is old. And the old Matt Lauer is young. I wonder which one I'm supposed to call "the old Matt Lauer"?

That ought to keep me busy for a while.


Here's a picture of what I can only assume is steamy interracial hippo sex in the Savannah.

(Don't worry, it's not a real website. I checked.)

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  1. The hippo picture hurt my heart! God. But what the fuck!! Fucking Japanese..remember the article about the used panties vending machine? What the fuuuuuuck. Bah ha ha ah!