Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More Shitty Facebook Ads

Months ago, I wrote about facebook ads that pissed me off. Luckily, they keep getting worse and supplying me with more content. Enjoy.

More then me? Your spelling is atrocious. At least my grammar skills are up to par with that of a broken tractor. Lotsa luck, dumbass.

Try to beat today's high score? Don’t you people have jobs? Who the hell is sitting around wasting their time with this shit?

Hey, isn’t that Ron Jeremy? Does this simple online business have anything to do with porn?

Ba-a-a-a-am! Little known fact: Ferraris cost $7000.

Uhh… who the fuck spell checked this ad? I bet the people at True relgion and Lacsote appreciate the free advertising.

Friends at Bathworks? Who do I know at Bathworks? I don’t even know anyone who shops at Bathworks.

What does my free credit report have to do with your boobs?

Are you kidding me? One: it’s a polar bear. Two: are these the same idiots who are sitting around guessing peoples sexes? 96.8% of Canadians must be fucking retarded.

Why is the government advertising the fact that they have extra money to give away? I thought we were in a recession?

And I hope you can swim because this is clearly just a lake.

I want to meet the kind of people who are spending so much on Magic cards that they’re saving ‘tons of money’.

Oh fuck... now Ron Jeremy’s back and he can’t spell either.

Nothing says fishing like sitting in front of your computer playing a shitty game. You wanna go fishing? Get in a boat.

"Duuuh... I'd better click the ad to prove how smart I am. Whoops, I clicked the ad and it took me to another ad. Clearly, I'm a fucking idiot."

The only way you can make this kind of cash at home is by selling weed. And sitting around in the kitchen in your underwear? What kind of job incentive is this?

Uhh… what the fuck?

Bert: “Honey, let’s get a zebra skin rug.”
Nancy:“No Bert, that’s $1100.”
Bert: “But they’ll ship it for free.”
Nancy: “Oh, if the shipping is free…”


  1. I LOL'd H-Core at this.
    Happy Birthday brother!

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