Saturday, March 28, 2009

Snuggies Are Soooo Yesterday.

A couple months ago, I wrote a blog on how ridiculous the Snuggie is (check it out.) I didn't think fashion retardation could be topped after that.

I was wrong. What could be better than looking like you're in a cult, you ask? Just take a shot in the dark. Did you say a dress that fits over your couch?

Ten points if you did.

(Heck, even if you said three-legged race track pants, you'd get half points.)

And if you're buying crazy shit like that, you might want to pick up the bear sleeping bag. Just in time for camping season!

According to the designer, this cool design plays on several basic human emotions including the fear of getting eaten by a bear, being a bear as well as wearing a bear skin.

Have fun getting fucked and subsequently mauled and dismembered by a bear. While you're at it, you might consider putting on antlers and going for a relaxing stroll through the forest trails during hunting season.

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